1. Gerber Box Arrangement
    Bring radiant, joyful colour to any room with a beautiful box of gerberas. These are delightful arrangements available in various colours. Contact us to request your favourites. From $35
  2. Lily and Chyrstthanemum Pyramid
    A tall bouquet in classic yellow lights up the room and brings joy. This arrangement makes a beautiful centrepiece. From $50
  3. Native boxed arrangement
    Timeless, elegant and always beautiful, a native arrangement is a welcome gift. Combine with your favourite flowers or colours for the perfect boxed arrangement. From $50
  4. Flower bowl
    Think outside the box! Beautiful arrangements in a bowl or vase are a timeless, elegant gift that are ideal for any occasion. Contact us to order the perfect flower gift. From $40
  5. Managing Director
    Charm someone special with this lily and seasonal flower box with the added sweetness of a butterfly. From $45
  6. Managing Director
    For a gift of classic beauty, a rose and lily box is the perfect gift. From $45
  7. Managing Director
    Combine the elegance of lilies, chrysanthemums and orchids in a stunning boxed arrangement. From $45
  8. Managing Director
    A delicate arrangement in seasonal pink and white flowers. From $40
  9. Gerber box, snapdragons
    Tall flowers such as snapdragons or gladiolus complement gerberas to make a cheerful and striking gift. From $45
  10. Orchids, Orchid box
    Orchids are delicate, beautiful and perfect if you're unsure of which flowers to give. From $45
  11. Roses, Rose box
    Roses are always beautiful. Choose from a wide range of delicate and vibrant colours. From $45